Our robotics engineers are specialists with many years of experience in the automotive industry. Especially for you, they will create precise software for industrial robots. We care about your costs – that’s why our robot programmers are also specialists in PLC programming.

We specialize in programming ABB, KUKA, Universal Robots and Mitsubishi robots.

Value for money

Competitive pricing and cost effective. Our engineers are specialized in more then one field e.g. our robotics engineers can do both the PLC and robots.


By deciding to choose us, you choose experienced team. All our engineers have at least 3 years of experience in their profession.


Unexpected lack of capacity? You can have our specialists in requested location within few days from the first contact.


Our team has insight of working with various programming standards with different customers.


No rotation of selected engineers during on-going project.
We specialize in designing, building, commissioning and servicing production lines around the world. Thanks to new technologies, we can transfer the work of production lines to the office, which is known as MES technology. We know that our implementation ideas, approach to work and many years of experience satisfying the most demanding customers. Contact us and we will create an offer tailored specifically to you.
We integrate people, machines, and processes in our daily work. We carry out projects on our own and in cooperation with trusted partners, prime contractors, and design offices. We treat each project individually – we listen carefully to what you say and adapt to your needs – our priority is your business success.
Customers’ demands are constantly changing, which requires companies to come up with new and more profitable ways to satisfy them. The answer to these needs is to design and implement a highly configurable automation system in production facilities and factories. Our specialists will plan and deliver complete solutions in the conveyors, robotics, and crane systems field.